“Let’s put a pin in it”: Intuitive Content Saving on YouTube’s Mobile App

A Relic of a Different Era

Watch Later Button in YouTube 15.43.32

Breaking Down the Problem

  • It’s remarkable how little people use the inbuilt option.
  • Several opted to use primarily the Desktop version, allowing them to open many videos in new tabs, coming back to the whole tab at a later date.
  • Several others took it upon themselves to organize the videos in custom playlists, ignoring the default one provided.
  • More still opted for the most ancient of solutions, remember the title or channel and search for it later.
  • It was almost always a time constraint issue.

Building it up from scratch

Initial Draft of Ideas
Pinned Post in Live Chat (source: Ninomae Ina’nis Ch.)

Design Explorations

From left to right: Long Press, Pin Button, Swipe to Pin, Menu
From left to right: YouTube on Desktop, Gmail for Android

Narrowing it Down


The Library tab of the YouTube app
From left to right: Float to top, Pinned section, Pinned videos button
  1. Users that don’t save videos
    > We have to keep the new feature unobtrusive so that something they don’t use doesn’t take up extra room on their screen.
  2. Users that save a small set of videos
    > Videos must be easily accessible, enough to justify the existence of this feature over Water Later.
  3. Users that hoard videos
    > Videos must not take up too much space when the list gets large, as it would crowd out the new recommendations.

Final Flow

Final Prototype Flow

Looking Forward



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